‘The Lost The Lone and The Lucky’


Due to the tremendous interest generated by my Facebook story about Rose, we have decided to post a different story each week about the various cats and dogs we have been able to help over the years. Some came to us as lost, some unwanted, some via animal rescue groups with terrible trauma and cruelty in their history. We have been able to find loving new homes in most cases, or trace original distraught owners on occasion, but inevitably, there have always been those who would never move on and they stayed to live out their lives in safety and comfort at last.

For those who haven’t yet seen the story that began it all, here is a brief resume of Rose’s story.

Rose was presented to a vet surgery for euthanasia with alleged life shortening conditions. Her fluffy coat was so matted it had to be shorn off and came away like thick felt. Her back legs were welded together, limiting her movements to a shambling hop and her chin was welded to her chest meaning she could only eat by scooping food up with her lower jaw. She had no hope of being able to clean herself. Her nails were overgrown, muscle tone virtually nil and ears filthy with debris. Understandably she was starving!

Watching Rose blossom with life and pleasure in life was a wonderful experience and the first day she actually ran, albeit with a drunken sailor’s gait was a supreme moment for us. She still insists on eating until she is barrel shaped and seeks us out with steely determination when she feels another meal is due. Rose has taken up residence in the kennel cookhouse, understandably, and tells our two dogs off in no uncertain terms if they annoy her. One of her favorite pastimes is hanging round the neck of whoever is hoovering, eyes closed and purring blissfully. Rose will never leave us; the possibility of her becoming so neglected again is too terrible to imagine.